Thanks for your support!

Dear Families & Friends,

It is with some sadness that we are writing to you to announce that Sensory Souls will no longer be running events. 

 8 years ago, we began by providing Sensory Movie Days, and proceeded to horse riding, train days, farm days, car events, surf days, SUP days, library events and up to the point of running Sensory Santa in multiple Shopping Centres in 2 countries.  This growth has given 100’s if not 1000’s of families the opportunity to take part in activities and events that they may otherwise have been excluded from.

 Our initial goal when setting out was to give families, the chance to access and take part in events & activities which they were unable to at that time & we feel we have successfully achieved that goal. 

 With the arrival of the NDIS, the vast majority of families are now able to access a far greater range of organizations who can provide assistance, service & events, than when we began.

 As we have been running Sensory Souls for the last 8 years as volunteers alongside our day jobs and family life, we feel the time has come for us to step back.

 It has been a privilege & joy to watch your children enjoy the events and grow in confidence over the years.

Useful Links

Northside SUP
who will continue to run Sensory SUP days

Moreton Bay Regional Libraries
who will run Backstage Pass Events

Sensory Movie Day Event Cinemas
who will continue to run Sensory Movie Events